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"Hard-earned luck"


Christoph Kramer’s beautiful left-footed strike not only gave the Fohlenelf the three points against Hannover but signalled the end of Borussia's recent run of defeats. We managed to catch up with the match-winner to talk about that goal and take ask him about his performance.

Christoph, after four defeats in a row you and the rest of the boys managed to bag all three points yesterday. That must have been a great feeling…

Kramer:Of course. It was massively important for us to put in a good performance and get the result, all of which we managed to do. When you get a win on the board, the mood in the team just lifts and everything seems to fall into place so much better. Already you could see that in the changing room yesterday. With this victory, we’ve regained some of our confidence and will take this momentum forward. I’m just really pleased we managed to get the three points.

How do you rate your performance yesterday?

Kramer:We gave a really good performance away from home yesterday. We created some good chances in the first half but just weren’t able to convert them. Because we've been in a bit of a dip, our mentality was so important and the boys deserve massive credit for the attitude we showed out there. Not only did we play really good football but we were positive and our body language was good. I don't like making a fuss when things aren't going your way so we got our heads down and made our own luck. We worked hard and got what we deserved.

Your goal in the second half decided the game. Tell us a little bit about that goal from your point of view.

Kramer:I played a little bit higher up the pitch yesterday and got more chances because of it. I managed to get my goal in the end; I’d describe it as hard-earned luck. I got hold of the ball and saw that there wasn’t anyone else in more space, so just decided to have a pop. I struck the ball just perfectly and it’s funny because I didn’t know I had that kind of strike in my locker, especially with my left! (laughs). I guess, because we’ve not had the rub of the green recently, we needed that extra bit of luck. It was obviously a brilliant moment for me though.

How will this victory affect the team’s preparation for the matches you have coming up?

Kramer:Obviously a win will help all of us massively. In the last few weeks we’ve all worked really hard and spoken about what we want to change and with the exception of Stuttgart, where we didn’t play well, I think we’ve given decent performances. Nevertheless, we’ve had to put up with a lot of criticism because the results haven’t gone our way. Because of all of that, I think this result will be huge just to give us that bit of relief and to be a reward for all our hard work. This result confirms that we’re still on the right track.

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