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New signing Michael Lang has arrived after his holiday a bit earlier than expected. We sat down with the 27-year-old to speak about his transfer to Borussia.

Michael, first there was taking part in the World Cup with Switzerland, now you’ve moved to Gladbach. It’s been an eventful summer for you!

Lang:Absolutely. It was unfortunately a disappointing way for us to end our World Cup campaign. But I’ve picked myself up again during my time off and now I cannot wait to get started again. I’m very happy that I’ve finally arrived at Borussia and I’m looking forward to the tasks ahead.

After Yann Sommer, Nico Elvedi, Denis Zakaria and Josip Drmic you are now the fifth player from Switzerland who plays for Die Fohlen. What’s the reaction like to that back home?

Lang:Borussia naturally have a big following in Switzerland. It hasn’t gone unnoticed to them that a lot of players from their country have played and still play at the club. The move is even more special knowing that I get to play for a big club that has a lot of Swiss fans.

Did you speak to many of your teammates from the Switzerland national team about Borussia then?

Lang:Definitely. Yann Sommer, who has been here for a long time, had only positive things to say about the club - and my first impressions have absolutely confirmed that. Soon I’ll start training with my new teammates and then bit by bit it will start to get going.

You could’ve had a bit longer off but you’ve decided to come back for pre-season on Sunday. Why did you take the decision to cut your holiday short?

Lang:I made that decision because the timing of the start of the training camp worked well for me. I can get to know my new teammates straight away and give it my all in training.

At 27 years old, you are immediately one of the more experienced members of Die Fohlen. What role do you want to play in the squad?

Lang:I have been a professional footballer for a long time now and I have experienced quite a bit in my career so I would like to have a bit of responsibility within the team. But what you say doesn’t give you a leadership role, it is your performances on the pitch that dictate that. Therefore it is important for me to get to know the boys first and foremost and then to integrate into the squad as quickly as possible.

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