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You just get excited about games like this


New signing Matthias Ginter speaks about the upcoming derby against 1. FC Köln, the atmosphere in BORUSSIA-PARK and the Fohlenelf’s upcoming fixtures at the start of the season.

Matthias, you’re going into the 50th Bundesliga season and also the home derby against 1. FC Köln. Are you happy with the fixture list for this season?

Ginter:Yeah, it will be a dicey match no matter what – I know how it is from playing against Schalke during my Dortmund days. These games always have a special atmosphere and I expect it to be the same here in the derby against Köln.

Are you expecting an even more heated atmosphere than in the Dortmund vs. Schalke derbies?

Ginter:Obviously, I don’t yet know that. It’ll be similar for sure, but I don’t really want to compare the two. The fact is that this is the most important derby here in the Rhineland and it’s also the tensest.

It’s your first home game in BORUSSIA-PARK. In that regard, is this also a very special match for you?

Ginter:Absolutely. Whenever I played away games in BORUSSIA-PARK, there was always a buzz around here. I’m banking on the same being true in the derby of course; I want the fans to push us forward and all stand behind us. I’ll try to enjoy the game a bit in the midst of all the concentration; you just get excited about games like this.

How important is this opening game for you?

Ginter:This game can definitely give us a boost for the next matches, provided that we win the game. I don’t think we have any easy fixtures at the start of the season – we have away games in Augsburg, Leipzig and Dortmund so it’ll be important to win our home matches – starting with the derby on Sunday of course.

What kind of match are you expecting it to be?

Ginter:It’s going to be a difficult game for us. But we have enough quality to dominate proceedings, make chances for ourselves and to come away with a win under our belts.

What will the match come down to?

Ginter:We have to keep calm despite the atmosphere around us in the stadium. We have to be savvy and can’t let our emotions get the better of us. Sure, emotions are a part of the game but we can’t let them negatively affect our play. We have to stick to the coach’s plan while also maintaining our passion on the pitch.

Last season, there was an unfortunate loss for the Fohlenelf in BORUSSIA-PARK; is that game still a talking point in the dressing room?

Ginter:That’s definitely a talking point. We want to play in European games again, like Köln did last season. In this sense, we have something to make up for. Whether we can do that in one game alone is questionable, but it’s very important to win the derby – especially for the fans.

Do you feel like you’re going to be watched very intensely this match?

Ginter:No, I’ve played some very tense games in the past. It’d be different if I were 18 years old and facing my first season in the Bundesliga, but I don’t think it’ll be a performance test for me. I always give it my all on the pitch. Of course I’m looking forward to the match and I’ll be a bit more stressed than I would be in a normal home fixture. But that’s normal for a derby and shouldn’t be a problem.

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